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We launched an intervention hostel with accommodation and meals for refugees who do not hold Ukrainian citizenship. The government support programmes did not concern those people. We lodged almost 700 refugees of over 40 nationalities.

From the beginning of March till the end of May, in Krakowiaków Street in Warsaw, we ran an emergency hostel for refugees of non-Ukrainian origin fleeing Ukraine. The hostel could shelter over 70 people. It was open to anyone who had difficulty finding accommodation after fleeing Ukraine. We provided shelter from the war for almost 700 people of more than 40 different nationalities.

Our hostel was a place where the refugees could have a hot meal, wash their belongings, get toiletries, but also could obtain legal and logistic aid, or simply sleep and rest in a place less overwhelming than a train station or a warehouse hall, where people fleeing Ukraine were often lodged.

The hostel could not operate without the help of volunteers, who were on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on site. One on-duty period lasted 4 hours and was attended by 3 volunteers. The volunteers did more than just check people in and out. Affiliated with KIK and the Chlebem i Solą foundation, the volunteers also helped organise the transport of refugees between different cities and countries, looked for accommodation in Poland and abroad, and did their best to find psychological and medical help for refugees. The hostel was supported by almost 100 volunteers.

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