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500 tons of aid supplies

We have delivered over 500 tons of humanitarian aid supplies to the territory of Ukraine, including food, bandages and professional medical equipment. We continue to provide professional equipment and dressings to Ukrainian medical staff for use in war-affected areas and in hospitals.
A volunteer stands in the loading bay next to a large pallet of aid packages, more cardboard boxes in the background.
In the first months of war, we sent over 500 tons of food and toiletries to the territory of Ukraine. They were delivered to the Female Dominican Convent in Zhovkva and to Bryukhovychi near Lviv. We also transported medical supplies to the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital and to the Maidan Hospital in Kyiv. In Warsaw, we also opened four humanitarian aid collection points and a warehouse that continued to operate until mid-September 2022.
In July, August and September 2022, we sent truckloads of basic supplies to Ukraine. These were provided by the Biedronka Foundation. The aid was delivered thanks to the collaboration with the Ukrainian branch of Caritas. Ten truckloads of food and toiletries were distributed to those most in need in Zaporizhzhia. Each truckload included slightly more than 2,000 boxes of food items, 2,000 boxes of hygiene items and almost 900 boxes of children’s items.
Two volunteers carry a large parcel out of the car.Vans, loading aid parcels, in the foreground transporting parcels on a pallet.

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